About Sono

Sono is a debt tracking and management app that helps you easily keep track of money you’ve borrowed or lent to friends and loved ones.

Sono’s mission

Sono was created to simplify the process of tracking and managing debts. We understand that keeping track of who owes whom, how much, and when payments are due can be a hassle and a source of stress. Sono aims to solve this problem by providing an easy and efficient way to stay on top of your personal finances. We believe that tracking and managing debts shouldn’t be a burden, but rather a simple and straightforward process.

Regarding the name “Sono”

The name “Sono” is a wordplay derived from the Vietnamese phrase “sổ nợ,” which literally translates to “debt notebook.” This name perfectly captures the essence of the app, which aims to digitize and simplify the traditional method of tracking debts using a physical notebook and pen.

By choosing this name, we pay homage to the cultural context where the app originated while also conveying its core functionality in a clear and concise manner. Sono represents the evolution of debt management, transitioning from pen and paper to a user-friendly and efficient digital platform.

How Sono can help you:

  • Track debts: Record loans and borrowings with details like contact name, amount, date, due date, and description.
  • Manage effectively: Easily view and manage outstanding balances between you and your contacts.
  • Payment reminders: Receive notifications when payments are due to avoid forgetting or late payments.
  • Secure information: Your data is stored securely on your device or on the cloud. For your privacy you can also lock/unlock the app using a PIN code or biometric authentication.
  • User-friendly interface: Easy to use with an intuitive and simple design.

How you can help Sono

If you enjoy using Sono and find it helpful, you can support us by:

  • Sharing the app with your friends and family.
  • Leaving a 5-star rating and positive review on the app stores.
  • Providing your feedback and suggestions to help us improve Sono.
  • Connecting with Sono on social media platforms to share experiences and support other users.

That being said, we also have exciting ideas for the future development of Sono, such as:

  • Shared Accounts: Collaborate with others by sharing accounts and managing debts together.
  • Interest Calculations: Factor in interest rates for a more accurate picture of debts and repayments.
  • Document Attachment: Enhance transaction records by attaching relevant documents or images.
  • Debt Management Planning: Create personalized plans for both reminding about and repaying debts.
  • AI-Powered Insights: Benefit from intelligent suggestions and recommendations based on your financial data.

We are constantly working to improve Sono and provide you with the best experience possible. We believe that with our users’ support, Sono will continue to grow and become an essential personal finance management tool for everyone.

Thank you for using Sono!

The Sono Team