Record Transactions

Record transactions and Sono will help you keep track of them.

Manage Debtors and Creditors

Quickly check who owes you or who you owe, and how much.

Comment and Note

Note down what is important about a transaction or a contact.

Security With PIN

Protect your privacy. Biometric authentication is also available.

Import Existing Data

Easily add your existing transactions to Sono from a CSV file.

And Many More

Multi currencies, custom currency, dark theme, reminder, statistics, etc.

Why do I need Sono?

Because if not write down, eventually you’ll have problem to remember exactly what was borrowed or lent as time goes by. Sono is the perfect tool to help you to overcome this. Just open the app and record the transactions, you won’t have to worry about the debts again.

How Sono works

Sono simplifies debt management by providing a clear and intuitive platform to track your borrowing and lending activities. Here’s how it works:

  • Record Transactions: Input your transactions, specifying whether you lent or borrowed money. Include the amount, currency, date, and the person involved.
  • Automatic Calculations: Sono automatically calculates the outstanding balance for each person, showing you exactly who owes whom and how much.
  • Debt Tracking: Keep track of all your debts in one place, eliminating the need for mental calculations or scattered notes.
  • Stay Organized: View your transaction history, add comments or notes for specific entries, and easily search for past transactions.

Manage together

You can invite other people to join your account so that they can help you to manage the debts together. This is useful for couples or families. However this feature is only available for cloud storage mode.

* This feature is in development.

Online and offline storage

You decide where your data is stored: whether locally on your device (offline) or on the cloud (online). We recommend using cloud storage mode as it offers more features. However if you don’t want your data to leave your device, offline storage is the way to go.

Your data, your control

Sono empowers you to maintain complete control over your financial data. With the Export Data feature, you can easily download your transaction history in various formats, including PDF, CSV, and Excel. This allows you to:

  • Keep a personal backup: Store your data securely on your own devices or cloud storage services.
  • Analyze your finances: Import your data into other financial tools or spreadsheets for further analysis and budgeting.
  • Share information easily: Share specific transactions or summaries with others as needed. Export your data for any period, ensuring you always have access to your financial records, regardless of your use of the Sono app.

Backup and Restore

If you prefer offline storage, Sono offers easy backup and restore options to ensure your information is never lost.

  • Regular Backups: Sono can automatically create backups of your data at regular intervals, ensuring you always have a recent copy available.
  • Manual Backups: You can also manually create backups at any time, giving you complete control over your data.
  • Simple Restoration: With a few taps, you can retrieve your information from a chosen backup file. With Sono’s backup and restore features, you can have peace of mind knowing your financial data is always safe and accessible.